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What's your bright idea?



1) Submit your idea using the form on this page or by visiting the SU office.


2) Your idea will be put to the Students' Union Leadership Team.

(who will expand on the idea or veto it)


3) If your idea is picked it will be presented at Union Parliament to be voted on by all students.


4) If your idea receives enough votes then it will be Students' Union Policy and it will be worked on by the Union

Have you got an idea that you think will improve life at Dudley College of Technology

for you and your fellow students?


We'd love to hear it, so please, share your bright idea with us today:



Hover over the lightbulb to fill in the form:

Tell us your idea here

If you have any questions regarding this form then please feel free to call us on 01384 363 412 or message us via our contact us page

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