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Dudley College of Technology


Vision & Mission Statement


Dudley College's vision for the future is this.

"By 2023 we will be firmly recognised regionally, nationally and internationally simply as ‘a great college’. With our focus on apprentices, full-time programmes for young people, adult learning and higher technical skills, we will consistently make a real difference to the lives of our learners, raising their aspirations and promoting their prosperity. As a driving force in the regional economy we will continue to improve business productivity, adding gross value."


Dudley College's mission: outstanding technical and professional learning, which raises aspirations, develops skills and changes lives.

Dudley College of Technology recognise that being properly trained and qualified is probably more important today than it has ever been. Whatever you hope to do - find a job, train for a career, prepare for university - you'll need the right skills and knowledge to prepare yourself. So if you're looking for the widest possible choice of opportunities - check them out!


Dudley College offer hundreds of different courses and pride themselves on providing a lively fun and caring environment. You'll be valued as a person, encouraged to value others and to respond positively to high quality teaching.


The quality of our staff and resources make the college an exciting and enjoyable place in which to learn. If you choose to learn with Dudley College, you can be assured that they are committed to providing you with qualifications and skills to meet the demands of an ever-changing world and they want to enable you to move on to the world of employment or Higher Education with the confidence and self-assurance to succeed.

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