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Meet the SU Leadership Team

The Students’ Union Leadership Team is a voluntary group of students who are dedicated to representing and enriching student life at Dudley College. The team is made up of one full-time sabbatical President, one part-time voluntary Vice President and six Assistant President part-time voluntary positions. There are also a number of Campus Leader and liberation Chair posts.

Meet the team below.


Paid Sabbatical President

Paid Sabbatical President

Dudley Students' Union has a paid sabbatical President elected each year to represent the views of every single student across Dudley College Campuses.

Want to get involved? Check out what positions you can apply for below!

Vice Presidents

Assistant Presidents

The Assistant Presidents handle different elements of the Students' Union to bring YOU the best possible experiences and representation across all Dudley College campuses

Campus and Liberation Officers

Campus Leaders

Campus Leaders represent the students of their respective campuses, so if you're passionate about your campus, this is the role for you! we want a Leader for every campus, could that be you?


Liberation Officers

Liberation Leaders

Liberation Leaders are also here to represent specific groups across Dudley College.

Student Governors

Student Governors

As members of the Student Body, Student Governors represent themselves on Dudley College's Corporation.

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