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Join our Turn Up Campaign!

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We have launched this campaign at Dudley College in collaboration with NUS to be apart of the UK's biggest student voter registration drive

How we will achieve this is through:

  1. Mass registration

  2. Free ID's

  3. Empowering Voters

Why does this matter to students? Our future will be built by the students and young people of today. But only if they are heard.  

Voting gives power, influence, and a stake in society.


When politicians make decisions, they look at who is on the electoral register and who votes. So it is crucial that all young people and students are registered to vote. 

There are new barriers that will make it harder for students and young people to vote. It is now illegal for unis and colleges to block register students. And all voters will have to show a physical photo ID when they vote but the government have said that student ID’s or young person’s travel cards won’t be accepted.   

Campaign Story

Jack Stokes, Student Union President 2023-24 attended an NUS Campaign day to strategise how best to tackle student priorities for the General Election and discuss effective ways to get students registered to vote.  

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