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Why should I run in the elections?

Running in the Student Elections and becoming a Students' Union officer is a fantastic opportunity to improve college life, plan events, and make a difference.


You'll also gain valuable benefits, such as developing your CV, receiving a discount on trips, and participating in regular training to enhance your skills. By committing to this role, you'll prove your passion and leave a lasting impact on the college community.

What do Students' Union officers do?

  • Improve life at the college

  • Represent the student voice to the College

  • Plan and organise exciting events and activities

  • Advocate for student issues with the local council

  • Raise money for charity

  • Welcome and support new students

  • Issue NUS cards and freebies

  • Offer assistance to students in the SU office

  • Network with peers from other colleges and universities

  • Attend weekly SU meetings

  • Run the Student Council every term


These are just a few of the many responsibilities that Students' Union officers have.

Benefits for you!


  • Develop an impressive CV and enhance your employability with valuable experience

  • Access resources to help you carry out your role, including office space, a PC, dedicated staff support, and funding

  • Enjoy a 25% discount on all trips

  • Participate in regular training both on and off campus to develop transferable skills for life and work

  • Open up new opportunities and challenges to expand your horizons

  • Prove your commitment and passion to future employers and the college community

  • Make a meaningful difference that improves the lives of others and makes a positive impact on the college community.

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