Why Run?

What do Students' Union officers do?

  • Improve life at the college

  • Tell the College what students think

  • Plan and organise events and activities

  • Talk to the local council about student issues

  • Organise events to raise money for charity

  • Meet all the new students at the college

  • Issue NUS cards & freebies

  • Help other students in the SU office

  • Meet students from other Colleges and Uni’s

  • Attend weekly SU meetings

  • Run Student Council every term

Benefits for you!


  • Develop an amazing CV and enhance your employability

  • Have access to resources to help you carry out your role such as office space, PC, dedicated staff support and funding

  • Get a 25% discount on all trips

  • Take part in regular training both on and off campus to develop transferable skills for life and work

  • Opens up new opportunities and challenges

  • Proves your commitment and passion

  • You will make a difference that will improve others lives