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Jack Stokes

Jack Stokes

2023 - 2024

Key Actions and Campaigns

Financial Security Campaign- Increased the Students' Union Operational Block Grant from £15,800 to £24,800 which is a £9,000 increase, ensuring a significantly increased Campaigning budget to fight for students.

Media and Outreach- Introduced and designed new SU Marketing tools including 2 pop-up-shops and 10 pop-up-banners- this is vital for the SU to engage and provide services to all students who find it difficult getting to Broadway.

Sexual Health Campaign- Introduced HIV testing and Sexual Health Advice across all major campuses through partnership with the What?Centre providing regular drop-ins.

SU Leadership and Participation Reform- Created brand new Leadership roles that targeted the specific needs of students, centralised and consolidated the Liberation Networks and Introduced the SU Crew initiative as a volunteering space for students who want to be involved with the SU but don’t necessarily want to take on a Leadership role.

Strategic Oversight- Introduced the Students' Union Strategic Plan, which focuses on the priorities of the Union for its development and implemented a Policy focused approach especially regarding Club/society management.

Turn Up Campaign- Lobbied the college to introduce Opt-in Voter Registration to automatically register students when they enrol, simplifying the process, making it more accessible. Asked for registration links to be added to Induction surveys and democratic education to be included in PIP Sessions.

My Present, Our Future Campaign- puting together a Local and National Student Manifesto, telling politicians want students need from the next Government. Hosted a Big Conversation on Education and launched a What Students Think page on the Duldey SU Website. Jack also spoke on behalf of Further Education in the Houses of Parliament, Westminster.

Politics Made Better Campaign- hosted the first Union Parliament since Covid which is an oppotunity for students to have a say in the direction of the Union, vote on motions and hold Leadership Members accountable. Did a major push on Leadership Elections introducing enhanced support and running a 'Vote for a Coke' election drive.

Zen Den Project- lobbied the college to re-start the project and ensured a suitable design was approved to create more social spaces for students.

Israel-Palestine Conflict- Lobbied for increased support for all students affected by this Humanitarian Crisis and demanded College took a pro-active approach to tackling Hate Crime.

Network and Partnership Campaign- Building a stronger FE movement through networking and creating strong partnerships with other FE and HE Students' Unions.

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