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Talent Show - How I Faced My Fears.

Updated: May 9, 2019

I never knew the Students' Union existed until I first found out about the Talent Show. I thought to myself, why not give it a go as I’ve always wanted to boost up my confidence and meet new people, so I applied and waited for the day of the auditions. I was really nervous I was when I stood on the stage practising songs. I didn’t know which one to sing and you knew I was nervous as you could hear it in my voice.

The time I actually auditioned was on the following Tuesday with my best mate. When it came to meeting other people, I didn’t know how to start a conversation, nervousness doesn't help when you have social anxiety like myself - I hated getting up there, talking and performing in front of others, but I gave it a go and I realised how amazing it was to get to know more people from across the college that you have never met before. With the performers that were on before me, I had slowly begun to become more and more nervous...but I was through! Onto the finals!

On the day of the final, I began to rehearse my song as we had done for weeks now, so we knew it off by heart and wouldn’t forget it when we are on stage. I helped get my mate ready by doing her hair and makeup and she did the same for me. We were ready for the show!

We saw the audience take their seats, which made a few people nervous. The best thing about the Talent Show was that everyone looked after each other and it helped calm everyone down before they went on stage. After the show, the awards were given out along with the certificates. It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part and enjoying yourself out there, especially if that talent is something you want to pursue as a career once you leave college, or maybe just a hobby you do now and then just get up and make people happy and make a change to yourself, so that others can see the real you.

I know I have had a fun experience in the talent show and I’m sure you all will too. Thank you for taking your time reading this and getting to know what my experience was like in the talent show and I hope this has inspired you to apply.

Verity Blanchard

Vice President of Social Activities

If you would like to view pictures from our 2018 Talent Show, please click here!

Additionionally, you can now see our pictures from our 2019 Talent Show here


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