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President Thierno Diallo (2014-16) - SU Made Me

Thierno was an ESOL student in the academic year 2013-2014. Coming from overseas, he enrolled onto an ESOL course to learn English. He became a class rep and started taking part in the Students’ Union (SU) activities and was very impressed by the way the SU represent the students. He became an active member of the SU by volunteering, attending meetings, joining SU trips and events.

Thierno said being a part of the SU is like being in a dream in which he doesn’t want to be woken up from, so he decided to run for president in order to give the students a better experience while studying at Dudley College. He was president for 2 years after being successfully re-elected in 2015. With the help of the SU team, he brought his dream to life. Thierno went on to study at the University of Bedfordshire and work at the bank, Santander. He still comes to visit the SU every so often during his breaks from studying and believe anyone can be president - even you!


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