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President Dan Wood (2016-18) - SU Made Me

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Dan Wood came to Dudley College straight after school to study Public Services Level 3 from 2014 - 16. Dan had no knowledge of the SU prior to standing in the election for President but was encouraged by his tutor who thought it would be a great opportunity for him.

Dan preparing for his charity abseil!

During his 2 years in office Dan’s main focus was putting people at the heart of everything he did. From lobbying the college to an easier, more seamless transaction model for students on free college meals with ambitions to remove the stigma to reaching out to our neighbouring SU’s, building partnerships and laying down the foundations for a model of which Black Country Students’ Union’s can participate, debate and campaign in our region together.

Dan organised a charity abseil to raise money for a local charity, furthering the proof that SU’s are a force for good in, not just the college, but for the whole community. He says he is most proud of being part of the winning team for the national NUS awards winning ‘FE officer team of the year award 2016-17’ - he could not have done it without the fantastic community of students and he was honoured to be part of it.

Leaving the SU, Dan has went on to become a Human Resources Administration Clerk for the Royal Air Force and now serves on a Frontline base in the North of Scotland. He says that without his experience of being Dudley SU President, he would not have built up the confidence to change his lifestyle. Dan set new challenges to further his life goals purely based on the excellent eye-opening experience of being Dudley Students’ Union President. The experience gave him self-belief and expanded his aspirations unreservedly. He says that the SU has been a pivotal pillar of support for helping him to achieve his life goals; and urges everyone to engage fully - it will change your life for the better!

When Dan is on leave he always makes the effort to visit the SU and help out whenever he can. He says due to the everlasting positive and commendable efforts from the team, the Students’ Union has grown to become a place that feels like his home; the SU is an excellent community of determined people doing everything they can to better students lives and further their aspirations. The plethora of excellent personal and social opportunities to compliment studies and aide soft skill development, made him only wish he participated in SU activities earlier.


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