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My DofE Journey

Doing the DofE programme has been one of the most exciting times of my youth. As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve been involved in the award across different stages (Bronze and Silver), and now completing my Gold Award. Throughout my time completing the award, I have gained many news skills; from confidence through to determination. Then also leadership and being a team player. These were supported through my activity sections (Skills, Voluntary, Physical and Expedition) where I demonstrated and developed these vital life skills. For my Voluntary Service, I volunteered at a local scout group, here I learned how to run activates and games as well as teaching younger people vital skills whilst enabling them to have fun, this really boosted my confidence with speaking in front of people. For my Physical, I did running weekly. Here, my aim was to improve genially in time, as I became fitter, it improved. I noticed that as a result of this, I became more determined to complete tasks and never gave up. I am currently still doing these skills for my Gold Award and they are going well. Whereas for more skill section, I found it really difficult to find something I enjoyed. For Bronze, I did photography, showing different elements of the country. For Silver, I created a computer game using skills I developed from year 11 imedia. My game focused on collecting the litter and highlighted the effects of littering. Now for Gold, I am doing cooking/baking, so I can learn the skills needed for the future.

On top of this, having the fact you completed the DofE program will look amazing on your CV for future jobs, even if it just bronze, as it shows the effort you have put it. For example, I applied for a sales assistant job at a local garden centre and mentioned I had completed my silver DofE. In the interview, the recruitment manager was amazed at it and was asking me about the skills developed, what I did and the effects of the program. I got the job in the end, and I still use skills I developed from the DofE program to be successful in my job, from confidence for marshalling people in and out of the doorway during busy times, to working together as a team with my colleagues; DofE has made this happen.

Now, I am the DofE Ambassador for Dudley College, this means that I support other students completing the award, offering advice and guidance. I also help Sophia and her staff team run the award, making sure we can help students gain all the skills for the future. Supporting others makes me feel great, as it feels like I am giving back to the award, after what DofE have gave to me. Noah Griffiths Duke of Edinburgh Award Ambassador Dudley College 20/21 Gold DofE participant


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