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Leadership Team Candidates 2023

Time to vote for your next Students' Union Leadership Team! Please click on the Candidate images below to learn more about their proposed manifesto and personality - get to know your Leaders before you vote!

If you would like to find out more about each role, click the button below. 


There are multiple positions available, so will vote for your favourite candidate for each role.  

If you want to vote for a Campus Leader Position please vote by clicking on the Candidate image and vote through the 'vote here' link- remember you can only vote in the Campus Leader elections if you predominantly study at that campus.

Dudley Sixth Campus Leader Candidates

Re-Open Nominations (RON)

In all of our elections we have a candidate called RON (Re-Open Nominations). Think of it as a way to vote against any of the candidates running for a post. By choosing RON you're saying that you don't think the candidate(s) are suitable and you would like to re-start the elections with different people.

If RON wins then the election will be re-run and the candidates that were running will not be allowed to re-submit a nomination to run again.

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