Charlene Fradgley (She/Her)

Charlene Fradgley (She/Her)

Disability Officer

My name is Charlie. I'm studying functional skills level 2 English and Maths and I’m due to start an access into social science in February.

I became an active member of the Students’ Union 2 years ago as a class rep. I enjoyed representing my classmates and decided I would like to take more of a leadership role within the SU representing students across the whole college.  I co-founded the disability committee to take a lead in representing disabled students. I was then elected as the disabled students officer and have held the role now for the last two years.

I also participated in the Mental Health Ambassadors programme initiated by the SU and supported by Dudley Public Health. The project I ran focused on the impacts of domestic violence.

Other interesting things about me include that I am a freelance paranormal investigator and also part of a team called the ‘paranormal ghost searchers’.

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