Joszet Taylor (She/Her)

Joszet Taylor (She/Her)

BAME Officer

Hello, my name is Joszet Taylor and I am studying A Levels at Dudley Sixth. I am the current BAME representative officer for Dudley SU. I have worked on other projects with various organisations to make sure youth are the forefront of decision making processes and are having their voice heard so Dudley SU as a representative organisation for all students appeared to be another organisation I wanted to get involved with.

In the role of BAME Officer I look to form a virtual area where the network of Dudley College BAME students can socialise and interact- especially during lockdowns and talk about matters that concern them and affect their daily lives. This will be a platform for the diversity of BAME students can relate and express themselves in a social environment.

My other voluntary commitments include NCS which is a youth organisation aiming to work on issues in the local community which Dudley's Youth want to tackle eg. NHS support, Climate Action/Homelessness. If you would like to join the Summer programme please let me know.

I am looking forward to leading campaigns and initiatives alongside BAME students who see the need for more representation and voice in the college community as well as society as a whole. Please feel free to contact me at any point.

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