The Students’ Union is led on your behalf by a group of elected students. Every year a full time, paid, President is elected to direct the Students’ Union as an organisation and represent all of its members. Alongside the President seven part time, voluntary, Vice President positions exist and one part time paid position for an undergraduate representative.


Presidents are voted into position during election time based on a statement of intention (manifesto) which voters (students) consider before making a decision on who they feel best represents them and their interests.


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The elections are run in order to allow any student to stand for a position and vote for whom they want to see represent them throughout the following year. These elected students will then run the Students’ Union on behalf of every member of the Students’ Union (every student enrolled at Dudley College/Sixth).


These elected students coordinate and lead on the work and direction of the Students’ Union in order to fulfil its objectives and mandate from the student body.


Please Note: When Applying using Google Chrome please download the Nomination Forms first, fill in fully then email us!

or alternatively please feel free to print, complete by hand and bring into the Students' Union Office The Broadway B4.