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Aldrich Gonsalves

Students' Union President Candidate

Following my successful first year as Dudley Students’ Union President, I’d like to be re-elected to continue my campaigns to improve your college life! if i am re-elected, my core campaigns would be to focus on improving the college environment, sustainability, green spaces and the reduction of stigma around Mental Health issues affecting Dudley Students.


Plastic Waste - to reduce plastic waste in college.
  • I would like to start an initiative called “People Make Dudley”. This initiative will focus on improving the environment around Dudley, this will be through organised litter picking, encourage people to use re-usable/fabric-based bags, raising awareness on single use plastics bags on the environment and lobby the college to stop using single use plastics cutlery and plastic cups throughout the campuses.


Raising awareness on Climate Change and its impacts/Bee conservation
  • I aim to raise awareness on issues such as Global Warming and Bee conservation and act upon improving those issues accordingly.

  • Encourage Dudley College to growing more trees around all the campuses for a cleaner, greener college experience.

  • Start a Students’ Union gardening club where students can grow a variety of plants to encourage wildlife to the college. 


Mental health - let's get us talking about Mental Health and reduce stigma
  • Lobby for more social and safe spaces around the college for Students’ to have more pleasant places/environment to hang out and socialise whilst not in class.

  • Organise events which will help break down the stigma around Mental Health. This campaign will be known as “The Mental Help Project”.

  • Continue to support ” Mental Health Ambassador Project” which has had a fantastic start. I will aim to reach out to secondary schools too, through the Dudley Academies Trust.

Communication - improved communication with you! 
  • Continue to develop the website so you have all the information you need about the SU at your fingertips.

  • Start SU Out and Abouts - Visiting every campus to make sure you know we're there for you! 

  • i also ensure our monthly newsletter reaches a larger audience, all students will have an opportunity to see it.

  • We will make our presence known on every college campus promoting opportunities, events and activities.


BCSU (Black Country Students’ Union)
  • The BCSU is the regional learner voice of the Black Country. Following a meeting in early May, i have identified some joined up projects that all students from across the Black Country can participate in. I would like to take the lead on a BCSU talent show and voting registration drive etc.

The things I Achieved
  • Mental health Ambassadors – The Mental Health Ambassador Programme has had a modest start. Our Students have gone through 6 hours of training and are now working on their individual projects, such as raising awareness on domestic violence and sexual abuse.

  • Re-usable Cups – I lobbied for college to start selling re-usable cups as research shows that there is 2.5 billion cups used every year and over 99.75% of these cups don't get recycled. The re-usable cups are now available to buy.

  • A recent counselling report shows that there are more students identifying as transgender. From my work with the Transgender Officer this year i know that it is important to have facilities that meet their needs, therefore implementing gender-neutral toilets in all campuses is important. I would like to continue to lobby for the implementation of gender-neutral toilets in my second year of presidency.

  • The old smoking area is currently being converted into a small outdoor space for students to get fresh air. This project will also help the students who are working on it as they will receive work experience through this project. We are also planning on a bigger outdoor social space. 

* To vote for your preferred candidates, visit the Students' Union Office Room B4 Broadway Campus, see us at your campus (see our events page), or vote online via Blackboard.