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Mollie-Amelia Hehir

Students' Union President Elect 2021-22


1. safety on campus

In 2021, I began my role in the SU as women’s officer, but I believe the following issues are relevant to everyone. I want sexual consent to be taught in PIP sessions, to explain and teach people how to tackle lad culture around campus. People need to fully understand what the legal definition of consent is, so I plan to talk to West Midlands police and see if they would come in and talk overall about safety: Women’s safety, men’s safety, online safety and hate crimes to minority groups such as LGBTQ+ or BAME members. I want to lobby for allyship to be taught and respected. I know lots of you want know what this is, but I am working with the official red flag campaign who talk about the vital red flag signs in toxic relationships, I plan to extend this to Dudley college and want to work closely with them to help grow there project.

Another aspect that ties into this is first aid, I believe that everybody should know basic first aid so they can save a life if necessary, someone from an outside organisation should come in to teach about how to put someone in the recovery position, what to do if there choking and CPR!

2: Mental health

I would also create new and enhance existing Spaces in college where you can relax and reflect or go when college gets tough, because we all know it can. I would like more spaces outside on grassy areas where students can go to connect with nature! I know how important nature spots can be. also, there should be more social areas for students to go and chat, as this also helps maintain mental health. I want to focus on the mental health ambassador programme and make it a lot more known about and stronger. These projects should involve lots of people and have clubs within the roles, for example if someone’s project is grief have a space people can talk and not feel judged.

3: lunch facilities

A very important one is nutrition, we should all get the right nutrients to enable us to learn effectively! I would improve lunch facilities and seating areas in certain campuses, I intend to look at the possibility of a mobile caterer to provide burger/sandwich and snack facilities during lunchtime hours this would broaden the choice and convenience available, we should also have an outside area with lots of bins around so we can properly look after our community. Vending and hot drinks machines should be available around ALL campuses so that students don’t need to go to the town if they just want drinks or snacks, this will also improve punctuality and the quality of learning!

4: LGBTQ+ support and trans inclusion.

being a part of this group myself, I have witnessed too much hate crimes or hate phrases towards LGBTQ+ individuals, again I feel this needs to be talked about by west midlands police and in pip. Students and tutors should attend at least one workshop a year about this so they are educated, people feel as if they are pushed back in college just because of their sexuality. Tutors should be able to teach pip at the same level as others, it is important people understand how far comments can go. trans inclusion needs to happen, why are we using their ‘dead name’ still in things like teams or blackboard? Or even in lesson! This needs to change, people feel uncomfortable seeing their old name all the time and it’s easy to just ask preferred name!

I think these aims will have a positive impact on the college and students, they focus on enhancing the college and all together student’s experience, by concentrating on their mental and physical health as well as their educational needs.

I have experience in different skills and activities, lots of these can majorly help as president, one of these is leadership! As a lance corporal in the army cadets, I am a section commander, I also have a teaching qualification with them so this shows I am confident and can help or talk to others! I can also work in teams as a scuba diver, if something went wrong underwater, we would have to signal and help each other effectively, without speech! Just as importantly, I can work on my own initiative too, with cadets and scouts, I plan tasks and teach, I plan sessions and run nights, I am also taking part in Duke of Edinburgh and queen scout award (highest award in scouts) where we need to be able to navigate alone, but work as a team so we do not get lost! This is also Problem solving as if we did get lost, we could navigate back! I also do command tasks where you need to work as a team to overcome tasks.  From all these things mentioned, I have a great skill, time management! I can get work done and help others get it done! Another activity I’d like to mention, is the newsletter, this was originally founded by the vice president of social activities, Anabella Prodan, but I worked with her and helped create and edit it!

Thank you for reading my manifesto, feel free to get in contact with me to ask any questions on teams at Mollie-Amelia Hehir.

Thank you for reading!

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