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Helen Lawley

For Students' Union President


I have already been in the role a year, during a pandemic in which time the SU (Students Union) has evolved to a successful virtual service. I lobbied to make sure students could study from home, for better remote learning, to get free meals over the holidays, free masks from reception and Covid Information made more accessible. We supplied virtual clubs and support groups so that student did not feel isolated during lockdown.

I co-founded the disability committee and successfully held our first virtual forum so that disabled students got their voices heard.

I had an excellent response to my Operation Santa Campaign. We collected toys, toiletries, and food to help families who were affected by the pandemic, so to celebrate Christmas.

We held our first ever virtual freshers' week to encourage student to socialize virtually and show the services we offer. I protested for free meals outside the MP office and wrote to local MPs for the Love our Colleges Campaign. I represented the students on a national level, and was asked to speak at the NUS Students deserve better rally because of all the campaigning I had been doing Nationally.

I'm an advocate for disabilities and mental health, always raising awareness and campaigning for better access around college and those little things that make life better

  • I will continue to lobby on a national level to stand for students' hardships over the past year, with the Students Deserve Better Campaign.

  • Reestablish support, clubs and services for better mental health among students and to create breakout spaces on campuses now restrictions are coming to an end.

  • I will continue to support all students that need help to the best of my ability.

  • I will lobby to get a formal agreement with stir to return to using the greener packaging and reduce plastic waste.

  • With the Opening of the I.O.T this year, I will make sure the Dudley Students union has a presence over there to increase H.E student interaction.

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