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Dudley Holocaust Commemoration 2024 

Thoughts for Freedom

Live, work, worship… love how we choose,

Taken for granted – we hope never to lose.

Expression, movement, and freedom of mind

Imprisoned, enslaved - so brutal, unkind.

Challenge regimes and restriction of rights,

curtailed professions, education, and life.

Freedom is fragile, enjoy fellow kindness,

What is freedom? Take a thought to remind us

Dudley Holocaust Commemoration 2023

Ordinary People

The perpetrators, the persecuted,

rescuers and bystanders.

Deniers, witnesses,

victims, survivors.

The cruelties of history

Can happen again

Affecting ordinary people

Living ordinary lives.

Extra-ordinary choices

For us all to decide

Stand up, challenge hatred,

Be respectful and guide.

Dudley Holocaust Commemoration 2022

One Day

One Day, in history....

Too many to choose!

One day, life changed...

They were waiting for news

One day, a future

with no genocide?

One day, make choices

let hope be our guide

One day, learn lessons

the pain of holocaust

Forget not those who have suffered

And those we have lost

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